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    Simone is a dedicated wife and mother of two, running her own business.

    The big challenge for Simone was how to reach her goal of getting into to her pre baby clothes when she was desperately short on time and didn’t enjoy exercising.

    Along the way to Simone’s weight loss goal Simone’s children were pleasantly surprised to discover new ways to enjoy healthy eating that were delicious and had them asking for more. Simone has lost 9 kg and dropped a dress size. She is ecstatic to be wearing her old jeans again and is currently expanding her wardrobe by buying the clothes she really loves.

    Next goal:┬áto lose two more kg’s and return back to pre-baby weight.

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    Training with fitness Xplosion enriches my life beyond just healthy eating and exercise.

    Bel was at a crossroads in her lfe. In order to change her career she needed to change her body. To get the confidence to pursue her new career path Bel needed to firm up her problem areas and elongate her body.

    “Fitness Xplosion helped me shape my vision then set out a clear and achievable plan to deliver the results I wanted which gave me the confidence and self-belief to succeed in my new career path.

    I am happy to say I’ve regained my strength and energy I was lacking plus I’m much happier and content with in myself and really excited about my future.”

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    • Look in the mirror, and not like, or even hate, what you see looking back?
    • Find that none of your clothes seem to fit anymore?
    • Feel uncomfortable in your own skin?
    • Lack confidence?
    • Look at old pictures and think “I look great there, where did it go wrong”?
    • Have “flabby” bits that you just want to get rid of?
    • Feel tired and slow?
    • Lack energy?

    Are looking for a trusted solution?

    View how your Melbourne neighbours have resolved these problems and the permanent results they are enjoying right now.

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