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5 Spring Time Moves That Boost Inner Health

With the arrival of spring it’s time to shed those extra winter layers and start getting ready for summer. So give your cough and cold the flick this spring with these 5 simple moves that boost inner health for the motivation and focus you need to hit your fitness and fashion goals.

1. Healthy Handbag Snack
Depending on who you ask diet counts for anywhere between 75-90% of your health. Without realising it, the most common contributor to excess calories are the little cheeky snacks we forget we’ve had throughout the day. Events like these are packed with high calorie snacks that are beige in colour.

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Psst… I believe chocolate is on the list…. Nah, that can’t be right… or is it?

2. Water

With the weather heating up you’re almost certainly going to want to hydrate. Staying properly hydrated stops you from craving sugary and fatty foods. As water is the only way to hydrate your body so be sure to space out your glasses of bubbly through out the spring racing carnival with two glasses of water. You’re liver and kidneys will thank you along with your waistline.

Even better after you finish your first glass of bubbly keep topping it up with mineral or soda water. You’re glass will sparkle all the same and you’ve eliminated the social pressure of having another bubbly.

3. Incidental Exercise

This is the exercise you do when you’re not exercising. It can be a simple as getting up to make a cuppa every hour or taking the stairs instead of the lift. It’s a well know fact that inactive bodies decline faster. Making sure that your body moving every day is critical for maintaining inner health and slowing down the natural ageing process.

Don’t like gyms or running click the link for 7 unexplored ways to make your incidental exercise fun and fly by.

4. Get Outside

Studies show that 10-20 minutes of sun exposure a day (hands face and neck) can lower blood pressure and boosts vitamin D necessary for mood regulation and weight management. High vitamin D levels are also associated with greater fertility. Women with low vitamin D are more prone to have babies with allergies.

5. Learn To Breathe

Stress is one of the biggest yet most silent contributor to weight gain. When we are under stress, a hormone called ‘cortisol’ is released which encourages the conversion of blood sugar into fat for long-term storage. If you use alcohol to unwind from stress you can stop scratching your head why you just can’t seem to shift that stubborn body fat.

The biggest contributor to emotional irregularity and imbalance is the in ability to breathe. So invest in some air. It’s still free!

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